Hey, I’m Alyssa!

I’m a writer, geek, and content creator with a love for fantastical stories and a passion for helping other storytellers.

I’ve been a blogger for many years, and a fantasy writer for even longer. At the moment I live in Ontario, Canada, where I drink a lot of tea and spend too much time thinking about fictional worlds.

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what will you find here?

a creative toolkit

My goal has been and will always be to create and curate tools and resources to motivate and inspire you. I believe wholeheartedly that human beings are creative beings – making things is in our nature, and my hope is that some of what you find here will help you do just that.

real talk

I will always show every aspect of my work, and that includes my mistakes and failures. Sometimes the journey is hard, but if it was easy, everyone would do it. What you’ll get here is an honest, authentic look at what it means to try and earn a living doing what you love.

all things geeky

I’m a self-proclaimed geek and I grew up on tales of epic adventure until I was old enough to write some of my own. I’ve been a gamer for just as long, too. These are the things that fostered my imagination and inspired me (as well as many others) to create. Let’s celebrate that!

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

How to Draft a Novel in 30 Days: The 30-Day Plot Outline

Outlining can be both the most exciting and sometimes the most difficult part of the writing process, especially when you’re trying to win NaNoWriMo. So I came up with a solution – a 30-day plot template that will guide you from the beginning of your story to the end! Now you can draft a complete…

105 Indie Fantasy Books Published in 2022

After much work, I present the second instalment of my annual indie fantasy book roundup for 2022! Indie fantasy novels don’t get the same love and attention as their traditionally published counterparts, and so I put together this list to help you find your next indie fantasy read!

A Look Back at 2022

Another year has gone by, but I always enjoy taking a moment to reflect on everything I accomplished, everything I didn’t, and all the lessons I’ll be taking with me into the new year. Welcome 2023, and Happy New Year!

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