Real Neat Blog Award!

Yes, I was tagged back in February. And I meant to post my response in February, too. But life was topsy-turvey at the time, so I got myself back on track, only for this pandemic to hit and life went all topsy-turvey again.

But I did it! At last, I’m doing the Real Neat Blog Award – I was nominated by Megan @ A Geeky Gal which was such a surprise and also really exciting for me because I’ve been following Megan’s blog for a while and I really enjoy her content! Megan is a geek blogger, and at A Geeky Gal you can find reviews, anime, video games, and posts on virtually all aspects of geek culture, like cosplay, conventions and geek fashion! She also does geeky 30-day challenges which are my favourites! Her blog is a ton of fun, so you should go check her out!

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23 Geeky Ideas to Get You Through Self-Isolation

I don’t know about you, but March felt like a fever dream where everything happened too fast but also painfully slow. I don’t think any of us expected this to erupt the way it has or to last as long as it is. But that’s the reality we are living in, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.

We’re all going to be stuck at home for a while longer, so I’ve got a list here of some fun things to do to help beat the monotony. Maybe you can finally do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do if you only had time. If there is one thing we’re going to have in abundance right now, it’s more free time.

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5 Classic RPGs I Still Haven’t Played

Maybe the self-isolation is making me feel nostalgic, but I’ve had such an itch to play the games I used to play when I was a kid. I’ve been a gamer since I was about 8 years old, and I’ve watched the industry develop into what it is now. I’ve played a lot of older games, but that got me thinking – what were some of the rpgs that I missed out on?

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My Go-To Writing Music

Writing isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it’s hard. In fact, most of the time it’s hard, and when writing is frustrating and motivation is hard to find, I tend to rely on music to get me back in the zone.

Thus the inspiration for this post! Among everything that I listen to, there are songs that I always turn to when I need a boost of inspiration or something to stir those creative juices. Almost regardless of genre, these songs or soundtracks help me get the words down when I just don’t feel like writing.

And this turned out to be a pretty interesting post to write. While browsing through my library of songs, I can see that the songs that I listen to now are not the same as they were 5 years ago. It’ll be interesting to see what songs inspire me to write in another 5 years.

But for now, here are a handful of some of my go-to-writing-inspiration songs. Maybe they’ll help give you a much-needed boost. Especially if you’re doing Camp NaNoWriMo!

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Escaping Into a Virtual Life

The world may be in self-isolation but at least we have Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

I can honestly say New Horizons has been a life-saver. After parks and businesses started to close, life went kind of crazy, and even when I thought I could keep myself on track it was a lot harder to do than I expected. Something as simple as going to the grocery store is a lot more stressful. I’m just one of the thousands to spend a little time on a deserted island with lots of cute little animals when I need to check out of the real world for a bit.

But seriously, the timing is uncanny. Just as people all over the world close their doors and block themselves off from the real world, one of the most popular simulation games drops for the Nintendo Switch.

People are desperate to find something to do, and Animal Crossing is shiny and new, family-friendly with multiplayer functionality, and thus the perfect option for people looking to fill those empty, anxiety-riddled hours. So it’s not surprising that the Nintendo Switch consoles became unusually scarce in the week that followed it’s release. We’re facing a lot of fear and uncertainty, right now, and I think that’s why people are so drawn to a game like this.

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Five Tips to Help You Reach Your (Camp) NaNoWriMo Goals

Hello. If you’re new here, I’m a writer, and I love writing. I especially love writing events, and maybe you do too if you clicked on this post. Maybe you’ve heard of this crazy event called NaNoWriMo. I know I talk about it enough on here as it is. I do it every year and if you like writing at all, you might want to give it a shot.

If you didn’t know, NaNoWriMo is a writing event that happens every year (multiple times, if you count the Camp sessions, which I do) where you attempt to write 50 thousand words in a month and are joined by a huge community of writers trying to attempt the same thing. It’s fun and crazy, and absolutely worth it.

Anyway, that endorsement aside, I’ve done NaNoWriMo many, many times. As a NaNoWriMo veteran, I’ve got a handful of tips that you might find useful during April’s Camp NaNoWriMo.

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