Making Room for New Things

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my plans for the future.

As much as it pains me to do, I know I need to make a few changes to how I run this blog. The first few months have been fun, but they’ve really eaten away at my time, and since I recently announced my plans to self-publish some of my adult sff in tandem with my search for an agent, I really had to rethink how I use my time and what I put it in to.

Self-publishing is going to mean a ton of work and at an accelerated rate. I’ll need to spend more time every day not just writing but researching. The responsibility for everything falls on me, and it’s just not easy to do that when I spend so much time trying to get blog posts out semi-regularly.

It was becoming a scenario where I was falling behind in everything because I was trying to give them all the same amount of attention. And that wasn’t going to be possible. So I had to choose what was most important and make some compromises.

And this blog happens to be a big one.

I’ve talked before about how adamant I was to maintain a pretty heavy blog schedule. Had I considered blogging full-time, then maybe I’d try to keep up with it. But what I really want is to be a full-time author. So I had to prioritize. And that meant cutting down on my blog schedule to open up more time for outlining, writing, and eventually publishing.

I’ve already begun to cut down, but that still wasn’t enough. So my new schedule is as follows:

MONDAY: I’ll still be posting every Monday. That won’t change. I’ve decided to make Monday posts more instructional. Those topics could include motivation, craft, blogging, my publishing process, etc. I always want to keep sharing what I know and what I learn and paying it forward. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from reading other blogs, so it only seems right to do the same in turn.

SFF FRIDAY: The Friday five is still around in a way, but I’m separating it based on content, and not format, so you’ll still see mini-listicles on Monday and Friday. I’ve also merged what was formerly Worldbuilding Wednesdays with more general talk about genre and sff goodness. I wanted to be able to talk about more than just worldbuilding. I’m a big gamer, and I love binging sff movies and tv shows on Netflix and such and I want to chat about it, y’know?

The Writer’s Diary will still be a thing, but it’ll be more infrequent, and more about major developments in my writing. I’ll also be posting monthly updates to my newsletter subscribers, so if you’re interested you can sign up!

I’m also hoping to post something serially on my blog, but that is still several months down the road. For now, I’m down to two blog posts a week. One on Monday, and another on Friday.

And I guess that’s it. We’ll see how it goes with this new schedule. Now it’s time to get back to writing!

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