October Recap & November Goals

Not sure yet if I’m going to keep up with the monthly goals/recap posts, but it feels particularly relevant with Preptober coming to a close, and the start of NaNoWriMo.

Not sure if you’ll remember, but I had a particularly long list of things I wanted to get done in October.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do as well as I hoped.

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NaNoWriMo and How to Survive It: 25 Ways to Get You Prepared for This November

The NaNoWriMo Survival Kit is a classic post in the arsenal of seasoned and would-be Nanoers. I’m not going to lie, half the fun of NaNoWriMo is the excitement, and a lot of that manifests as preparation. That’s where Preptober came from, after all.

And it’s a big undertaking. Writing 50 thousand words in a single month is a lot of work, especially when you have school and work and the holidays are just around the corner (Or on your doorstep if you live in the United States).

Being prepared is just a smart thing to do. And we’re social creatures. NaNoWriMo has become a huge event for writers because it’s community-driven and offers many chances to connect with other writers, and Preptober is much the same! Maybe that’s why it has become ubiquitous to the NaNoWriMo experience.

But I digress. I’m not trying to justify the existence of yet another NaNo Survival kit post, but instead have an actual discussion about what and how you need to prepare. After all, 30 days is a long time, and writing a novel is a big endeavour. There are lots of potential ways to prepare yourself, so I’ve decided to list a few.

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Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer Deep Dive

So, the final trailer dropped and being the die-hard Star Wars fan that I am, I’m obsessed with it. Now I’m going to pick it apart and see what I can learn from some of my favourite moments. If you’re interested in watching it yourself or you’re not one of the 20 million who already have, here you go:

I’m not going to tackle the scenes in chronological order the way they are in the trailer. Instead, I’m going to try and piece together scenes and try and connect some of the dots that way. I’m not going to be making any outright theories – that’ll be in a different post. This is just speculation based on what we’ve seen in the trailers thus far.

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What I’m Playing (& Video Game Backlog)

This is a bit of a different post from my usual stuff, but I really want to incorporate more book content, game content and just more sff related goodness, so I thought this would be a good place to start. I’m kind of a geeky gal, and I want my blog to reflect that.

Video games are a big part of my life, and if I’m not watching or reading something (or y’know actually trying to live up to that author title), I’m probably playing something. I’ve mentioned this before, but the level of escapism that some games provide is really helpful for keeping my stress low (and I need that at this time of year, believe me!).

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7 Amazing Reads for Autumn

It’s that wonderful time of year – the leaves are changing colours and its time for warm sweaters and boots. I just want to cozy up on a couch with a blanket and a good book, and there are definitely a few things I look for when I’m reading at this time of year.

Murder, mystery, magical forests and witches. I love creepy atmospheric reads and classic mystery stories. I love magic and witches and urban fantasy. And with that in mind, I decided I’d give a handful of recommendations that satiate that need for a mysterious, atmospheric read.

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The Digital Notebook Experiment

This is something I’ve been meaning to try for a long time now, but I’ve been putting it off because I’m honestly not sure how it’s going to go. I’ve seen plenty of images online of people who keep digital planners, and more and more people use digital notebooks for school and university. Every time I see it, my curiosity is piqued. So I’ve decided to try my hand at using a digital notebook. Only a digital notebook. No more paper and pen. At least not for a little while.

Now, I love my notebooks. I’m a bona fide stationery addict and I own far too many. I’ve talked at length on here about how I use my notebooks, and how I’ve created a system that works for me. I don’t ever see that changing. A notebook is crucial to my organization and workflow.

But seeing how I’m trying to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle and reduce any clutter, I thought it might be interesting to try keeping a digital notebook for a while. Save on paper waste and all that.

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