My Top 5 Pokemon from Each Generation

My Top 5 Pokemon from Each Generation

You’re about to see just how big of a geek I really am.

I’ve been playing the Pokemon games since they came out in 1998. That’s over twenty years! As I wrap up Pokemon Y and Let’s Go Pikachu, I’ve played just about every core Pokemon game, as well as a few of the spin-offs (Pokemon Snap, anyone?)

Now I know there have been about 2000 leaks for Sword/Shield and a ton of the Pokemon listed here might have been confirmed, but I’m trying to avoid too many spoilers, so please, keep this a spoiler-free zone.

But anyway, I’m getting really hyped about the new Pokemon game that comes out next week! Unfortunately, I’ve also fallen behind on my writing, so I really need to catch up if I want to justify all the time I hope to spend playing it next weekend!

A couple things before we start:

  • I don’t include any legendary pokemon because some of them are broken, and the fact that you don’t get most of them until the end of the game when I’ve already built up my team and I barely get to use them really doesn’t do much for endearing me to them.
  • The Eevee line also doesn’t count because it crosses generations
  • My choices are based on design, battle ability, overall concept and the power of nostalgia
  • But I also tend to go for unusual and underrated Pokemon
  • This list was incredibly hard to put together, so don’t judge me okay.

Generation One: Kanto

The classics. I remember playing Pokemon Red on Christmas day way back when the games first came out, so the first generation has a special place in my heart. For a long time, they were my favourite generation, but there have been a few games since that have really stepped up the game. Here are five of my favourites from the first generation.

  1. Clefairy – I love how weird and whimsical this pokemon is. If you ever watched the anime as a kid, you’ll know what I’m talking about. For a long time I had a Clefable on my team. A unique pokemon with an equally unique move set.
  2. Lapras – I love a tanky water type, and Lapras is such a dependable tank with an adorable appearance. I remember getting really excited when I caught one in Pokemon Red, and it’s kind of hung around as a favourite ever since.
  3. Charizard – I’m pretty sure this is everyone’s favourite Gen 1 starter, and if it isn’t, your favourite was probably Bulbasaur. This was my very first pokemon, and I admit I’m extremely biased and overwhelmed with nostalgia where the Charmander line is concerned.
  4. Golem – I never used it because there are just so many water types that do four times the damage to the poor guy, but I always thought it looked really cool.
  5. Gengar – Another classic that I had on my team for a long time, especially since the first few generations were really lacking with good ghost pokemon. Gengar is an insanely good pokemon and it also looks really cool.

Generation Two: Johto

Despite having such fond memories of playing Pokemon Gold and later HeartGold, I just wasn’t that fond of a lot of the pokemon from the second generation. But there were a few that I would like to see make a reappearance.

  1. Tyranitar – Probably my absolute favourite of the gen 2 pokemon. You can’t tell me that Tyrannitar doesn’t look awesome! It also has some great moves and stats to go with them.
  2. Lanturn – I really love unique typings, and the water/electric was what really caught my eye. Turns out it’s also a decent pokemon. And it’s adorable, so what’s not to like?
  3. Crobat – This one has more recently gone up on this list, but it’s really a great pokemon with a great design. Golbat is some nightmare fuel, but Crobat is precious.
  4. Bellossom – Probably my favourite grass pokemon from the first few generations. Also reminds me of the movies.
  5. Typhlosion – I have such a strong appreciation for the pure fire types because there are not a whole lot of them around. Typhlosion is definitely one of the cooler fire starters with a really versatile move set to boot.

Generation Three: Hoenn

This one was hard. The third generation had a lot of really cool pokemon in it, and trying to narrow it down to only five was not an easy task.

  1. Flygon – My favourite dragon pokemon. The ice weakness is really rough, but it was such a cool looking pokemon, and I love dragonflies so I’m a little biased.
  2. Mawile – Cool concept and cool moves. I mean, it practically has a piranha plant on the back of its head, how can I argue with that?
  3. Sableye – I’m realizing how much cool type combos dictated the pokemon I was drawn to. Sableye was one such pokemon. Kinda creepy looking with big gems for eyes and weird typing? Yes, please.
  4. Lunatone – My obsession with space and space-related things knows no bounds, and pokemon is certainly not one of them. I have a strong affinity for any pokemon that have moon or star-related themes (Clefairy and Umbreon are a few more that fit the bill), and it’s got some unusual typing. If only it had a better move set.
  5. Shuppet – This is purely an appearance thing. Shuppet is precious and it looks like a little ball with a sheet thrown over it and I think it’s adorable!

Generation Four: Sinnoh

Probably one of my least favourite games, and yet it has some of the most memorable pokemon, including some all-time favs.

  1. Lucario – One of my favourite pokemon of all time. I love the typing, I love the design, I love the move set. Also really enjoyed the movie even though talking Pokemon are really not a favourite of mine.
  2. Rotom – First off, the name of this pokemon is insanely clever, the concept is so cool, and I love that it can change types to better fit any gaps in your team. Also, it’s cute. Have you noticed a theme yet?
  3. Mismagius – My favourite ghost pokemon – complete with witch robe and hat. How can you dislike that?
  4. Gible/Gabite – Not the biggest fan of Garchomp and though I know its a great pokemon, I just can’t get behind its design. Gible & Gabite though? Adorable. Precious. Must protect.
  5. Togekiss – I never much cared for the Togepi line. I thought it was pretty weak, but then Togekiss appeared and I loved it. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be – a bird, maybe? But it has the freaking cutest face and some good stats to go with it.

Generation Five: Unova

I feel like this was the generation where people started to fall off, but I happened to really enjoy Black/White and their sequels. I liked the characters and I thought the story was more engaging than a lot of earlier games.

  1. Emolga – Of all the Pikachu clones, I’m pretty sure Emolga is the cutest and the coolest in terms of appearance, typing and move set. Also, the shiny form is precious.
  2. Golet/Golurk – Along with my love of space is my love of robots and automatons. I loved Golurk the moment I saw it.
  3. Escavalier – the attack snail. Seemed like an obscure pokemon and that was why I liked it and decided to add it to my team. It also has good stats and a cool evolution gimmick we haven’t seen before.
  4. Whimsicott – I know its not as good stat-wise as it’s equivalent Lilligant, but this was the pokemon that tanked the Elite Four for me, and I scraped by on several battles because of it. Cotton guard ftw.
  5. Krookodile – I love the design so, so much. I knew the moment I saw it that I would need to add it to my final team. I also just love pokemon with the moxie ability. It’s so sassy.

Generation Six: Kalos

Despite being the latest pokemon game for me to finish, I found the Kalos pokemon to be the least memorable of all seven generations. It was also the least memorable game, so that might also have something to do with it.

  1. Aegislash – It’s basically a sentient sword/shield. Not sure if I prefer this version or Doublade because it’s two swords and everyone knows dual-wielding is coolest. Also, it’s stats? Out of this world.
  2. Carbink – A floating rabbit in a rock and a tanky little dude. I didn’t care for it much at first, but every time I see it, it grows on me a little more. I don’t usually have pure tanks on my team, so this guy was a first.
  3. Klefki – I remember there being some commentary regarding Klefki’s ‘uninspired design’, which, if you’re going to go there you’re three generations too late (Vanilish, anyone?). I happen to think it’s a pretty unique looking pokemon, with a cute description and cool typing.
  4. Tyrantrum – The coolest fossil pokemon that they have ever put out. It’s basically a T-rex and it has such an amazing design.
  5. Talonflame – Every generation has its starting bird line, and I’ve felt really ‘meh’ about most of them, but then Talonflame appeared and my mind was changed. Awesome design. It’s got some crazy powerful moves as well. It’s overshadowed by other fire pokemon, but I’ve always thought it was really cool.

Generation Seven: Alola

Probably my favourite of all the main pokemon games, and arguably my favourite generation so far. I think they really blew it away with the pokemon designs and concepts, and they are so memorable compared to some of the previous generations. Pokemon Moon was also the game that got me back into the franchise, so it holds a special place in my heart.

  1. Minior – Once again, I’ll admit I’m a bit biased where star and space-related things are concerned, but I love the concept behind Minior and it’s just so adorable! And catching all the colours was way more fun than it should have been.
  2. Ribombee – I was not expecting this to become a favourite pokemon, ’cause I never have a bug on my main team, but it turned out to be a really great pokemon and it’s so unbelievably cute. When you’re cleaning it up in Pokemon Amie? Stole my heart.
  3. Toxapex – I mentioned my weakness for tanky water types. It’s also got great stats and a good move set. And it looks cool. It was also very hard to obtain for me because the RNG gods will never be in my favour, so it was that much more satisfying to finally obtain.
  4. Kommo-o – Another super cool looking pokemon with unusual typing and an awesome move set. I just love how jangmo-o has a little heart on its head, too. It’s so cute!
  5. Mimikyu – Cool typing, adorable appearance, great stats, and the most precious backstory of any pokemon, ever. I also love the fan art of this pokemon it’s just too cute!

That took a long time, and boy, while it was fun to go through all of the pokemon by generation and relive those memories, it was not easy to pick favourites. I hope to see all (or at least most) of these in Pokemon Sword/Shield, but I guess I’ll have to wait to find out!

For now, it’s back to the writing…

Are you excited for Pokemon Sword/Shield?

Are you going to be playing when it comes out next Friday? What is your favourite generation of Pokemon? What are some Pokemon you hope to see in Galar? Let me know down below!

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