NaNo 2019: Character Aesthetic “Cerah”

With everything else I’m hoping to post this month, I also really wanted to share more of my nano novel (regardless of how poorly NaNo happens to be going this year).

A super easy (and visually interesting) way of doing that is with aesthetics, so I figured I’d make some to accompany a simple description of my main characters.

And if you want to know more about my story (and maybe check out the project’s mood board), I’ve already posted a brief synopsis to get you better acquainted with what I’m writing this month.

Today we take a look at one of the two main pov characters – Cerah.

Cerah is a former housemaiden of the Third House, the last of thirty-seven ancient houses that were sworn to protect the fragile peace of Garemauld. Despite being only nineteen years of age, she has had to grow up quickly after her family was killed in a tragic accident involving the Empire. She wants to live a peaceful life, but she also can’t deny that part of her wants revenge. She spends her days travelling on the outskirts of the Illyrian border, trying to evade any Empire raids, while she searches for answers regarding the disappearance of the Great Houses.

A little more about Cerah:

She also enjoys flowers and star-gazing and has a bit of a temper if you push her too far. She pretends to be opportunistic, with the hope that it will keep people from relying on her too much when in reality she is loyal to a fault. At the start of the novel, she is trying to hide her identity after being captured by slavers.

And that’s a (very brief) introduction of Cerah! I’m still struggling with her pov, but this was fun and a lot more helpful than I expected it to be. Hope you like her!

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