I Designed my Dream Office in The Sims 4

How many people dream of one day having their perfect workspace? You make Pinterest boards for inspiration, and sketch out what it might one day look like when you have your own office space, set up just the way you like.

It’s fun to think about, isn’t it?

Sadly, think about it is all I can do at the moment, but I wanted to indulge in that fantasy a little bit. So I decided to see if I could make something I could call my ‘dream workspace’ in the Sims 4.

If you haven’t played it before, it has an incredibly robust building system, especially when you get crafty with a few cheats. If you take a look on Youtube, Instagram or Pinterest you’ll see tons of amazingly designed houses and rooms, and it’s pretty amazing just how versatile you can be and how creative you can get.

For my dream space, I kept to the base game and used a bit of custom content to get that look that I wanted, and to give it more of a cluttered, ‘lived-in’ (or in this case worked-in) sort of vibe.

Anyway, without further ado…

So, what do you think?

It took me quite a while to do – I spent almost three hours on this tiny little room, going through colour swatches and trying different pieces. I spent forever just moving things around to create the sort of look I wanted (with those aforementioned cheats).

I love pink, so I included a lot of that. I wanted it to be clean and minimal without looking empty and impersonal. I also didn’t want it to be super matchy. I like the idea of collecting things to create your perfect space, so everything goes together but it doesn’t quite match. Maybe some pieces are hand-me-downs, some are thrifted – that way even the office itself has a story to tell.

I liked the idea of having a cozy space for visitors, and a more comfortable space to work. And I included a big tv/monitor for extensive plotting and also video games during my theoretical lunch break. I also love natural light, so I had to have a giant window that stretches the entire length of the wall and I absolutely love it! Also all the fairy lights in the world. I can never get enough of those things.

All things considered, I think I got pretty close with this little experiment! I’d definitely love to work in an office like that!

What would your dream workspace look like?

Have you ever built a dream anything in the Sims 4? What would your dream workspace look like? Let me know in the comments!

One response to “I Designed my Dream Office in The Sims 4”

  1. […] all honesty though, I’ve wanted to do this since I designed my dream office a few months ago. Like with the office, it’s fun to think about your ideal living space. […]


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