NaNo 2019: Character Aesthetic: “Adin”

It’s time for another character aesthetic from my NaNoWriMo novel! A couple days ago I introduced you to one of the main characters, Cerah, and today we’re doing the second main pov character – Adin.

His aesthetic was significantly harder to put together, even though I know more about his personality and backstory. Trying to find the right pictures was a challenge. I think Cerah’s came together much faster. I spent hours toying with his, but I think I found a result that I’m okay with.

He was barely a teenager when it chose him, a passenger on the Empire’s flagship dreadnought, the Vindicator. After that, he ceased to be an Imperial citizen and instead became their tool, and their greatest weapon in the occupation of Garemauld. To honour his father and his family, he has done his duty for the last decade, but the Sword refuses to let him rest. It disturbs his sleep and fills his mind with visions of a possible future – of peace. He’ll do anything to be free of the Empire and the power that chains him to it.

A little more about Adin:

He’s unusually clean, but he’s a good soldier, and his father and grandfather were soldiers before him. Once upon a time he enjoyed baking, and he still enjoys thunderstorms. He spends much of his time alone, as many of his fellow soldiers now fear him, if not for who he is then for what he has become. His patience and tactical skill would have earned him an excellent place in the Empire ranks, regardless of the power he now wields. At the beginning of the story he commands the Vindicator in the raid of a small town where rumors of a resistance have started to pop up.

It’s not easy to try and condense a character’s life and story into a few short sentences. A very opposite problem to the one I had with Cerah. But that’s my lead boy, Adin!

And now that you’ve met him, you’ve met both of the main pov characters in my new novel! What do you think of Adin? Or Cerah? Let me know in the comments!

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