My 2020 Bullet Journal Spreads

Even though I don’t keep the most traditional bullet journal, I do draw a lot of inspiration from the bujo community and I like to use spreads to track things and keep myself organized. There’s always a handful I like to include in my notebook, and since I recently moved into my new Moleskine, I had a chance to re-evaluate those bullet journal spreads and choose what I wanted to use going into 2020!

That being said, I’m always looking for new bullet journal ideas to add to my system, so I’m not starting the year with too many but I’ll certainly adapt and add to what I have as the year goes on.

I like to keep my bullet journal spreads simple and minimal. I love the beautiful, artsy bujos you see on Instagram, but I just don’t have the patience for that. And I tend to like a clean and uncluttered look. I’ve tried to do the fancy stuff, but I always go back to a more minimal bullet journal style. So that’s how I’ve set up my notebook for 2020. Check out my bullet journal setup below!

Year at a Glance

I’m trying out two layouts for this. The first has the months listed vertically with the calendar above. The second involves boxes for each month but it gives me more space to list what I want to do each month. I’m not sure which one I prefer, but I’m definitely using the second one more. I tend to use my year-at-a-glance spreads for a lot of future planning. I like to know what my goals are going into each month.

Month at a Glance

I actually pulled this one from my digital notebook experiment. Clearly I like my vertical layouts. It makes everything easy to see and I can divide both sides into different categories. I use a Frixion erasable pen on these spreads as well so I can easily erase and move things around, just as I did in my digital notebook. I’m really enjoying this spread in particular!

Writing Tracker

One thing I really want to make a habit is writing more frequently and tracking how much I write. I know I write best in short bursts in the mornings but I’m also interested in seeing if there are any monthly trends. If I want to earn a living from my writing, I need to understand my writing habits in a way that allows me to capitalize on them and maximize my productivity.

Social Media & Project Tracking

Along with tracking my writing, I want to track how often I’m posting to social media as well. I’m also hoping it will encourage me to post more regularly since it tends to be something I forget about. I also have a very rough growth tracker, so it’ll be interesting to compare the two.

On the right, I have the start of a project index. I have some big projects in mind this year (like publishing my first book!) and the process has been so overwhelming, so I’m trying out some project management pages in my notebook. I’ve finished one so far, but I’m not sure I’m going to keep it the way it is, so I’ve decided not to reveal it yet. I’ll go into more detail about how I’m using my notebook and spreads for that once I have a system that I think will work for me.

How are you keeping yourself organized in 2020?

Those are my spreads for the new year! I’m definitely embracing the way of the bujo, but I’d love to know how you keep yourself organized! Do you use a bullet journal? A regular planner? Google Calendar? Let me know in the comments!

6 responses to “My 2020 Bullet Journal Spreads”

  1. I tend to use my head… Explains a lot 😂


    1. That’s brave! It’s impossible for me to keep everything in my head without losing something!

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      1. Well that’s why I have to start writing things down… my head isn’t getting younger lol

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  2. Soo minimal! It’s pretty, love your handwriting💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I do love a minimal look! It’s also a lot faster to make 😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Soo true! I was doing a bullet journal, but unfortunately had to stop due to time constraints. Personally, I wanted the BuJo to be something out of this world and that ate up a lot of time, it just didn’t fit in with my schedule!😣😥

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