this message will self-destruct

I’ve been a little absent lately, but we’ll get to that.

First and foremost, what was supposed to go up today was Episode 8 of my Game of Thrones read-and-watch, and unfortunately, I’m going to be dropping those posts. I still want to discuss the remaining three episodes, but I’ll be lumping them together in a post that you’ll see in a couple of weeks. I hate leaving things unfinished, and I’ve really been enjoying the deep dive, but it is a lot of work and I kind of want to move on to something new. There were diminishing returns on each post, and it was beginning to feel like most of the content I was publishing was about either Game of Thrones or my unfortunate attempts at getting any writing done.

So I am calling it quits just a little early.

And this kind of leads into my next point – I’m reworking my posting schedule. Again. I’ve had these blog identity crises a few times since I started this blog last year, and I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of different posts while I try to find what I enjoy writing about. And to be fair, I’ve enjoyed writing pretty much everything I’ve posted here, but I think I forget my purpose in starting a blog.

There are two things that embody who I am and what I want my blog to be about – being creative and being a geek. I will always share information about blogging and publishing, and all the other things that go along with trying to start a creative career, but I want to create discussions rather than give instruction. I want to share new things and I want us to have fun! I want to have fun working on these posts, and I want you to enjoy reading them. I’m not sure if my current posting plan is really serving those intentions, so I want to take a step back and consider what I’m posting here.

I’ve also been in plotting hell, but that’s painfully evident in my Camp NaNo recaps, so I won’t go into that here.

Hope you’re all doing well!

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