15 Aesthetic Notion Themes to Inspire Your Digital Workspace

One of the coolest things about the Notion app is that it is completely customizable, and there are endless ways you can configure it to work better for you, but you can also decorate it to suit your tastes. You can add pictures, coloured headings, widgets, embed videos and playlists, change fonts, and change the block configuration – there is a thriving Notion community online, which I’m sure is in large part to how fun it is to share your personal dashboards and to see how everyone else has set up theirs. And it’s great for getting inspiration, too.

I will admit that this extreme customization does have its downsides – I’ve personally sunk too many hours into updating and customizing my own template, and adding decorative elements is not necessarily adding to the app’s functionality. But it’s fun, and it makes it more personal, and if you’re planning to look at it every day, you may as well make it something that brings you joy, right?

If large graphics and great swaths of colour isn’t really your style, there are plenty of users who enjoy a more streamlined, minimalist approach. Neither way is wrong, and there are dashboards and templates out there to suit everyone’s needs and taste.

And I think that’s pretty incredible.

In honor of that creativity I thought it might be fun to look at a bunch of themed dashboards to see just how customized your Notion dashboard can get!

I have included a link to the template if the creator has made it available. Otherwise, I have linked all of the creators themselves, as well as a link to where I first discovered the template, and where you can get more details if you want to even more inspiration.

Happy Notion-ing!

Dreamy Pastel

This bright and colourful template is a perfect example of how detailed you can get with your customization. Reddit user Ellllaa has created a daily planner in Notion, with daily layouts inspired by Pantone pastel colours to create a bright, beautiful, cohesive look. Each of the colours has it’s own template, so you can change the colour based on what you’re doing that day, your mood, or, of course, on a whim. It’s bright, colourful and fun to look at, while still being super functional.

Lord of the Rings

I absolutely love this Lord of the Rings inspired Notion dashboard by Reddit user definitelymargaret. It’s not overly complicated, but it’s super functional, and has a few graphics and headers to really give it that Middlearth energy without compromising the usefulness. And the quotes are a great touch!

Dark Academia

Notion is insanely popular among students and with good reason – it’s a great planner and notetaking app, and if you’re a fan of the dark academia aesthetic, why not incorporate that into your Notion dashboard? That’s exactly what AmeGarden has done with their dark academia inspired Notion template. Using the app’s dark mode, and adding a few choice photos really helps give the template that dark academia vibe.

Stardew Valley

Nothing makes for a cozy Notion theme quite like Stardew Valley, and the simplicity of the app really makes the pixel art of the game pop. A couple of screenshots from the game and some farming-friendly icons helps make a cute and colourful dashboard for everyday use.


Not unlike Stardew Valley, the cute, blocky nature of Minecraft makes it the perfect choice to inspire a Notion theme! This adorable dashboard by Reddit user Sunniesnstitch uses images in just the right spots to make this an adorable, Minecraft garden theme without taking up too much functional space.


If you have a busy day of work ahead of you, why not make it cozy. And nothing is more cozy than the cottagecore aesthetic. This is another whimsical template by Ellllaa that really proves that a couple of images you can change the vibe of your Notion template. I really love the serif fonts and washi-tape inspired banners that give it a classic, scrapbook feel.

Legend of Zelda

Why not let your favourite games inspire your Notion? It only takes a few creative touches to give it that look, like this Legend of Zelda-inspired template by Reddit user deadtnote. Making your own custom image headers can really pull a theme together.


Many of the themes so far have been overt – pictures from the movie or icons pulled from the game to really give it that aesthetic. But you can be a lot more subtle with it, like this adorable Kiki’s Delivery Service-inspired template.


Pokemon makes for a wonderfully cute and colourful theme, full of all of your favourite pocket monsters. The creative use of pixel art as a banner in the middle of the template really breaks up the zones but maintains that cute-theme-energy.

Coffee Shop

If you enjoy working in coffee shops, maybe you’ll enjoy a Notion dashboard inspired by one. Neutral and easy on the eyes, it is super easy to find images from places like Pexels or Unsplash, or even use photos of your own to create the perfect digital coffee shop.

Animal Crossing

A game to rival Stardew Valley in its coziness, Animal Crossing is a game designed around a daily grind, and makes adorably aesthetic themes for you to design your Notion around. Whether you use a screenshot or some of the adorable characters to decorate your dashboard, Animal Crossing is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting workspace.


There’s just something about Notion that blends perfectly with pixel art. And because pixel art is generally small, you can fit in as much or as little as you want to accentuate your dashboard, or keep it more minimal. You can be as colourful or as muted as you like. When paired with the mono Notion style, it creates a fun, retro, digital space for you to organize your life.

Sailor Moon

The most aesthetic 90s anime is the perfect inspiration for a fun and colourful Notion dashboard. The beautifully hand-animated stills from the show make perfect sections headers that look great when put together. It’s also the perfect theme for anyone who loves pastels.


You don’t have to make it complicated to make it cute. This simple Sanrio-inspired Notion template from Reddit user biaolivveira includes an image or two and the right colour choices to create an adorably minimal theme that still has a lot of personality.

What’s Your Notion Theme?

This is just a handful of some of my favourite themed Notion dashboards, but there are so many out there, and it’s so cool to see what everyone creates when given the same blank canvas.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, definitely head over to my Resource Library to check out my Notion templates!

Do you use Notion? Have you created a dashboard or template around a certain theme? Do any of the themes here inspire you to create your own? Let me know in the comments!

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