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Alyssa Flynn is a fantasy writer, geek blogger, and multi-passionate content creator who currently lives in Canada but dreams of one day travelling around the world and writing from a laptop with an internet connection.

She began her blogging journey back in 2006, but it wasn’t until late 2018 that she decided to take it to the next level and began Alyssa Lost in Space, a place dedicated to writing, creativity and geekdom.

Alyssa grew up in southern Ontario where she spent so much time daydreaming about strange and fantastic worlds that she eventually ended up writing about them. She loves worldbuilding and immersive storytelling, and will take a fun adventure story over a romance any day.

Sometimes she tries to draw or dabble in graphic design, and she enjoys making jewellery and messing around in Notion. When she’s not writing (or procrastinating), she likes to explore coffee shops and bookstores and spends too much time playing video games. She also likes to collect enamel pins and cool mugs.

You can find Alyssa hanging out online over on Instagram, and if you want to stay up-to-date on everything she’s working on, you can sign up for her newsletter down below!

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