Notion Bullet Journal Template

A simple bullet journal template for Notion that employs the fundamentals of the traditional bullet journal system.

This template is perfect for anyone looking to get into digital bullet journaling, or the newer, less experienced Notion users looking for a way to get into digital planning with a simple and customizable template.

Everything in this template was designed to be easy to use no matter where you access it. I designed it to limit the amount of set-up you would need so you can jump in and use it right away!

This bullet journal template includes:

  • a place for setting goals
  • a template for generating a daily or weekly log
  • a template for creating a new monthly log
  • a future log for forward planning
  • a customizable key for all of the signifiers you need
  • a notebook database for organizing important notes into collections
  • an archive for keeping your digital bullet journal uncluttered

If you’re interested in creating your own bullet journal in Notion, you can check out this post below where I walk you through all the steps I took to create this exact template!

How to Use this Template

This template is meant to operate as close to the analogue bullet journal system as was possible, so you’re not going to see a lot of extra stuff – habit trackers and the like – though it can certainly accommodate those additions if you need it to. I’ve also designed it to work seamlessly regardless of which device you choose to use it on, whether it be a tablet, phone or just your computer.

This bullet journal is made up of a few key components:


The first, at the very top, is where you put your goals for the year. Not necessarily a bullet journal essential, but something I like to incorporate in my own planning as a way to keep myself motivated and to remember what is important.

The Daily Log

Right underneath your goals is a block that will generate a new daily log for you each and every day that you decide to use this bullet journal template. Each daily log has a simple, customized template with the key and index available for quick reference. Change the title or the page to @today and start logging!

When you are ready to close one log and open another, you can click and drag the daily log to the current year database, so you’ll have a record of everything that you did that year. Then you can simply generate a new log.

You can also use it as a weekly log if you prefer. As long as you mark the title with the date, it will be organized once you move it into the yearly database.

The Monthly Log

Right next to your daily logs, I’ve provided a place for you to generate a monthly log, and I’ve divided the associated template into two columns. The first column is a simple list space for you to make note of any projects or priorities happening that month, and the second is a table with all of the days of the month in one column and an empty column for noting down important dates and appointments, much like in the original bullet journal method.

The pre-generated template has the maximum number of days (31), so you will have to manually delete the extras as needed. You can add the monthly log to the current year database if you like, or simply delete it when you’re finished.

The Index and Key

Each of these menus are actually synced blocks, which means that any adjustments or changes you make to one of them will be reflected in every other instance of that menu.

I’ve included the index as a handy quick linking block on several of the pages, so you can easily switch pages when necessary, and it allows you to customize your collections more easily. Any specific signifiers you like to use can also be added to the key and will appear in every version of the key on your daily log page.

Future Log

Just like it is in the traditional bullet journal method, I’ve created headings for each month in the year so you can easily log upcoming tasks and events. You can find the index in the quick links, so you can easily migrate tasks when you begin a new month.


One thing I did want to address with this template was the infinite capacity of digital space. Unlike a physical notebook, there is no end to the number of possible entries you can have in this bullet journal, which can make it difficult to find important notes or ideas. It was for that reason that I created a notes database where you can transfer notes you don’t want to lose, or wish to more easily turn into a collection.

Simply drag a note you want to save from the daily log into the notes database on the index, and it’ll turn into a page. From there you can tag it with a month (if it is relevant later), or create a new collection. Notes are displayed at the bottom of the home page for easy access.


The archive is meant to be a storage place for past years and old notes. If you aren’t interested in archiving these sorts of things, feel free to just delete them as necessary, but I figured it might be a good idea to sort things by year and have a handy place to keep them together and easily back up if need be. Once you have finished with something, you can simply click and drag it into the archive (as you can with everything else!).

Thank You for Checking Out my Templates!

If you have any suggestions for things to add or ways to improve the template, you can leave a comment below or drop me a message through my contact page!

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