Stardew Valley Mods & Challenges

I am streaming Stardew Valley over on my Twitch Channel every Sunday!

It remains to this day one of my favourite games, and one of the ones I turn to on a regular basis to relax and have fun. I’ve also played almost 400 hours of the game, and so I wanted to spice it up a little bit to keep myself interested for what I hope with be a long-standing playthrough over on my Twitch.

Enter the mods!

There has been several updates since I last ‘completed’ Stardew Valley, and there is a lot more post-game content to explore, so in terms of actual content, I’m not too worried about running out of things to play with. But I did include (as you might notice from the list above), a lot of visual changes, to give Stardew a really different look. There are also a few mods to improve my gameplay experience like Automate and Convenient Town. I’ve tried to keep it pretty pared down at least until I complete all of the challenges I have listed on the right!

If you want to see my playthrough, you can check me out live on my Twitch Channel, or you can check out the archived posts once they go up on Youtube!


  • 1-Year Community Center: Complete all of the community center bundles before the end of your first year. I am doing a remixed set of bundles from the 1.5 update.
  • Museum Completion: Donate all 95 artifacts to the museum and complete the book collection.
  • 100% Achievements: Exactly what it says – complete all of the Stardew Valley achievements.
  • Friend of the Community: Get every resident of Stardew Valley to 8/10 hearts.
  • Full Wardrobe: Create all of the clothing items and purchase all hats.
  • Well-Stocked Armory: Collect every weapon in the game.
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