19 Favourites of 2019

I love these posts. I love seeing people narrow down the best of the best and attempt to distil their favourite content from everything they’ve seen, read or played throughout the year. It’s fun to look back at, and it’s great if your looking for more recommended reads or games. It’s that sort of end-of-the-year staple content that I always look forward to. And I also enjoy taking the time to go through my own year of content consumption to see what I would consider a favourite.

But I’m also a lazy woman. I could have broken this up into a few posts – one focused on my favourite books, one about my favourite games, and another for any other random favourites I’d found throughout the year. But honestly, I didn’t consume as much as I have in previous years to make for very large lists, and I thought it sounded catchier if I wrapped up 2019 with 19 favourites. So I’ve lumped ’em all together.

Anyway, enough about my process. It’s been a weird and busy year, but there were still some gems that I want to talk about. Here are 19 of my favourites from 2019.

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2019 Most Anticipated – Books, Movies & Games

Whoo! There is nothing that gets me hyped for the new year like looking at all the amazing content coming our way in the next 365 days. If the title of this blog was no indication, I am a huge – like, gargantuan – fan of science fiction and fantasy. I’d say it makes up about 95% of the media I consume. I can’t get enough, and naturally, this is going to be a big old list of genre content coming our way in 2019 that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

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