My 2020 Bullet Journal Spreads

Even though I don’t keep the most traditional bullet journal, I do draw a lot of inspiration from the bujo community and I like to use spreads to track things and keep myself organized. There’s always a handful I like to include in my notebook, and since I recently moved into my new Moleskine, I had a chance to re-evaluate those bullet journal spreads and choose what I wanted to use going into 2020!

That being said, I’m always looking for new bullet journal ideas to add to my system, so I’m not starting the year with too many but I’ll certainly adapt and add to what I have as the year goes on.

I like to keep my bullet journal spreads simple and minimal. I love the beautiful, artsy bujos you see on Instagram, but I just don’t have the patience for that. And I tend to like a clean and uncluttered look. I’ve tried to do the fancy stuff, but I always go back to a more minimal bullet journal style. So that’s how I’ve set up my notebook for 2020. Check out my bullet journal setup below!

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Why Notebooks Make Great Gifts (& 52 Ways to Fill Them)

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I earn a small commission. If you’d like to learn more, you can read my affiliate disclosure.

It’s the holidays, and let’s be honest, sometimes brainstorming great gift ideas is hard. But there is one item that comes to mind every year, something I’ve received as a gift myself a few times. It’s super versatile and can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone.

And that item (if the title hasn’t already made it clear) is the notebook. That’s right. Those sheets of paper bound together that hold all your ideas and creative thoughts.

I recently finished my digital notebook experiment and it’s really reinvigorated my love for notebooks and stationery. I firmly believe that notebooks make a really versatile and reliable option for gifts. So I set out to brainstorm how many ways you could use them to prove that very idea.

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Archiving an Old Bullet Journal Using Evernote

I recently finished my very first bullet journal which meant I needed a new one, and if you’re a stationery junkie like me there are few things as exciting as starting a new notebook. But there was just one problem. I was still carrying around my old bullet journal as it had spreads, sketches and information that I needed, but I wasn’t willing to remake them in my new one – it felt like both a waste of paper and a waste of time.

If there is one thing you should know about me it’s that I like to rid myself of the superfluous. If I can streamline my process I will. If I can leave stuff at home when I hit a coffee shop for a few focused hours of work, I will. I don’t like bulk and I don’t like clutter, and I found it a little frustrating that I had to carry around a notebook I could no longer use but still needed.

So, I decided I would digitize my bullet journal. That way I could refer to it whenever I needed to, and the book could be safely stored away. No extra bulk in my bag, weight on my back or clutter on my desk.

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Create a Plan for Every Step of the Process

Especially the parts of the process that you are unfamiliar with. How else do you know where to begin? Or what order to tackle everything?

I mentioned this in the last Writer’s Diary, but since I am going to start my Far North revisions next month, I wanted to come up with a revision plan to guide me through the process. Especially since a revision of this scale is really new to me, and I don’t want to get overwhelmed and disheartened.

And the idea to give this process some structure came to me pretty recently. It was only in February that I thought that I should probably go into this with a plan. After all, it’s new to me. It’s something I’ve never seen through to the end, and it’s kind of a big project. It doesn’t seem right to wing it.

So I made a plan.

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My Top 5 Bullet Journal Essentials

I’ve already described on this blog how and why I started a bullet journal, which was mostly on accident, but over the last year I’ve definitely figured out what my favourites are. I try to keep my tools to a minimum because I like to be able to pull it out and get to work wherever I am, and I can’t be bothered to carry more than a little pencil-case with me. While this is technically a top five it is also a list of the only tools I use in my bullet journal, and more importantly, a list of what has HELPED me use my bullet journal more effectively.

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Why I Started a Bullet Journal

For those who aren’t in the know, bullet journaling is a method of paper planning that you can employ with literally any empty notebook. It can be as detailed or as minimal as you need it to be, and you control everything you put inside.

Sound pretty vague? If you’ve ever searched for bullet journals on Pinterest or Instagram you’ll see just how wildly different they can look as they are completely customizable and can be put together to fit your life and your specific productivity needs. If for some reason you don’t know a thing about bullet journaling and you want to know more, then check out Ryder Carroll’s official Bullet Journal website. There are resources and video tutorials and I highly recommend it as your starting point. He did come up with the system after all.

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