Minimalism for Book Lovers

If you’ve been around a while, you might have guessed that I am something of a minimalist. I don’t like clutter and I don’t like excess.

I wasn’t always this way, of course. Once upon a time I used to hoard. I loved owning movies and tv shows on dvd. I would buy an overwhelming number of books, especially after Book Outlet became a thing. Every day I would check for sales and I was constantly looking to add to my growing collection.

At my peak I had three full-sized bookshelves, stuffed to the brim with books. Everytime I bought new ones I’d have to rearrange those shelves to find the space.

I know why it got so out of control, too.

In trying to discover new books to read, I found this thing called Booktube, and one of the conventions of such a channel was this thing called the ‘Book Haul‘, where booktubers would show off all of the books that they purchased that month. So I began to do the same. I wanted to own a lot of books, because maybe then I would feel like a true reader. That it was something I was supposed to do. I bought into hype and bought books I might not have been as interested in because they looked pretty or because someone on Youtube managed to pursuade me.

Thus the collection started. And it continued to grow until about 3 years ago.

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Digital Decluttering: Organize Your Digital Life in the New Year

With the start of every new year is yet another opportunity to organize your life. As I’ve become more and more interested in minimalism, I’ve become more aware of what I surround myself with – what takes up space in my life and if its worth that space. And the new year is the best time to re-evaluate what I have, what I want to get rid of and what I need to replace.

It’s both liberating and relaxing to get rid of all that excess. My mind feels clearer and I feel more in control. Mess is chaos. Organization is orderly. It’s clear to see why we lean towards one over the other.

But one thing I don’t think about is my digital space.

My laptop, my tablet, my phone – much of my life involves interacting with some sort of digital space. Maybe because I am still finding an organization method that works for me or the fact that I tend to start all sorts of creative projects, but I just end up with all sorts of files in every digital nook and cranny. Some of which I never touch again. Others which I scramble to find and simply pray that I remember a word in the file name so I can search for it.

We spend a lot of time on our devices. Why shouldn’t they be as organized and decluttered as the rest of our living spaces?

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