4 Ways to Avoid Burnout When Your a Workaholic

One of the most troublesome realities of being a workaholic is this one: you cannot work indefinitely.

Now of course, there are things like food and sleep that are necessary to our survival no matter how much we might try to convince ourselves otherwise, but that isn’t what I’m talking about.

Outside basic necessities and unshakeable responsibilities, we can (and frequently do) spend the rest of our time working, especially if you have your own business, and/or you work from home. I’ve been there. Heck, I’m still doing it even though I know I shouldn’t. This is one of those posts that’s as much about reminding me as it is about helping you.

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Are You Afraid You’re Running Out of Time?

Have you ever asked yourself…

…if you are too old to do what you want to do?

…if you’re afraid of being left behind?

…if you think you missed your chance?

…if you feel like you’re running out of time?

I know I have.

For a little perspective, it was only last month that I turned 30. And with such a big milestone in my life, I can’t help but look back. I’m not where I wish I was, or where I expected to be, and while I wish it wasn’t the case, it kind of feels like I’ve been wasting my time.

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Recharging After the Holidays

The Holidays aren’t easy. They’re expensive and busy and all kinds of hectic, and unfortunately you might find yourself beleaguered with all kinds of stress. And as a creator, that stress can really inhibit the creative process. I know as it’s something that I’ve struggled with in the past. And to be fair, part of it is as simple as giving yourself permission to create. It can be a hard truth to deal with when it feels like there is so much already on your plate (especially during the holidays). But what do you do when you want to get back into writing or playing music or painting and you just feel tired? Out of it? Stuck?

There are a few obvious things you can do post-holiday to help eliminate some of that stress and return your life and mindset to a more ‘normal’ state. The first is to recover from the holidays and that includes:

  • Getting enough of sleep
  • At least three meals a day – no take out because its fast or skipping meals because you have no time
  • Clean up – put away decorations, tidy the house and especially your workspace!
  • Getting your bills and expenses in order

But let’s say you did all that. You sit down at your desk with a hearty breakfast in your stomach and 8 hours of sleep behind you but you still don’t feel motivated. How do you refill your creative batteries?

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