Story Prompts & Plot Generators for Struggling Writers and Newbie Wrimos

It’s a new year and we have a whole new round of NaNoWriMo sessions ready to help us write all the words! The first of which, Camp NaNoWriMo, starts in only a few weeks on April 1st.

For the uninitiated, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, which is technically in November, but there are two slightly more casual ‘Camp NaNoWriMo’ sessions that run in April and July. Anyway, as you might be able to tell from the name, it’s a whole month dedicated to writing a novel – specifically fifty thousand words of one. That works out to about 1,667 words every day for thirty days, which is also a lot harder than it sounds.

Anyway, more than once I have found turning to writing prompts and story generators really helpful for triggering new ideas and getting myself unstuck when I’m writing a story. It can bring some much-needed randomness (and I mean that quite literally), to a story that feels predictable, or one that you’ve just grown tired with.

With that in mind, I did a little digging all over the internet to pull up what I think are some of the best plot generators for writers. Whether you jump into Camp NaNo with no story at all or you find yourself stuck in the middle of April, July or November, hopefully some of these story prompts will get you back in the groove.

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What’s in my Writing Bag? (November 2019)

Call me nosy, but I love seeing what people have in their bags. It’s fun to see what people carry with them from day-to-day. I especially love looking at what fellow writers and artists carry with them. It gives you some insight about how they work, what is essential, and how they work best. And sometimes you get some ideas for things to bring along on your own journeys to the coffee shop or library.

I like to keep my load as light as possible. I’ve had back issues since high school, and too much weight on my back for long periods of time only aggravates that and causes me more injury than it’s really worth.

But as I’ve mentioned before that I can be something of a workaholic when I’m super motivated and mentally healthy, so the stuff I’m going to show you I keep with me pretty much every time I go out. I like to be able to pull out my laptop while I’m on the bus or write something in a notebook when I have a few moments to spare.

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My Top 5 Totally Free Writing Programs for Drafting Your Novel

Seeing as Camp NaNoWriMo is less than a month away, I thought I’d kick off the prep with something that will be useful for the nanoers out there. And it only seems fitting that I begin this blogging journey with something near and dear to my heart – writing.

So I decided to create a list of the five free writing programs that I would recommend to fellow NaNoers and writers alike.

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