Works in Progress

I have many works in progress – way more than are listed here, but I figured I’d keep it strictly to the ones I am actively working on. That means I have a pretty good idea of where I’m going with each of these wips, but of course, as these are works in progress, everything on this page is subject to change.

In general, my stories are going to feature unusual worlds and found families because I live for that sort of thing.

THE WOLVES OF THE FAR NORTH   w o r k   i n   p r o g r e s s   # 1
genre: young adult fantasy
status: editing the first draft
started: November 2014
finished: January 28, 2019
current word count: 92, 600
chapters: 45
the good stuff: ancient curses, ruins, epic battles, warrior culture, feuding sisters
premise: two sisters sworn to protect the secrets of the north end up on opposing sides of a battle that will determine the future of their ruined village.

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PECULIAR CASEBOOK, CASE #1 (untitled)   w o r k   i n   p r o g r e s s   # 2
genre: near-future science fiction, speculative mystery
status: drafting
started: May 2018
words: 0 / 35000
the good stuff: sassy protagonist, cool tech, androids, corporate schemes
premise: amateur sleuth and expert on Victoriana is forced to solve crimes with an android whose master has a dubious agenda.
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